Trust Your Ears
with a Nurse.

What could possibly be more comfortable, from a safety, privacy, and dignity perspective, than having your ears pierced in your own home, by a Certified Medical Professional?

Blomdahl Nursing Professionals offer families another ear-piercing option – one that is focused on safety, comfort and confidence.

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Rebecca Black


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I'm Rebecca Black, your Blomdahl USA Nurse. It's my passion to help you achieve financial freedom by working at your own pace; together with the support of a National Network of Doctors, Nurses, and Practitioners helping drive your success forward!

When I became a Blomdahl USA Nurse, I was surprised at the level of support and professionalism that the system offered. I was even able to get my colleagues in nursing to join together with me. Blomdahl USA as a company has not only an incredible system that is flawless in terms of how it works, but the disposable cartridge system is something that all of my clients love because it's safe and medically proven to be the most effective system on the market today.

Modern Aseptic Technique

The heart of the Blomdahl Ear Piercing System is our single use ear piercing instrument. (see more)

Single use, disposable technology is the only way to eliminate the chance of contracting a blood borne virus from an ear piercing. This technology is commonly used in all invasive surgical procedures, and is now being applied to ear piercing.

Medical Grade Materials

Our patented medical plastic ear piercing studs, as well as our medical grade titanium ear piercing studs, are the safest possible materials to be pierced with from an allergy perspective. This is science, not marketing nonsense.

Quality Materials

All of our products are manufactured by Blomdahl AB in Sweden using modern, clean room technology.

Optimal Healing

Our ear-piercing studs are designed to facilitate healing. They are light weight, putting minimal pressure on the hole as it heals. The earring back locks into position, allowing air to freely circulate around the hole as it heals. These are two important factors in a successful healing process.

Skin Friendly Earrings

I offer the safest of all earrings for after the initial healing phase. Staying with Blomdahl’s ultra-safe materials when it is time to remove the ear-piercing studs, minimizes any chance of a nickel allergy taking hold. I have a variety of skin friendly earrings to choose from that can help you achieve that goal.

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No need to step foot outside your house - I will do everything I can to make your ear piercing a safe and comfortable experience.

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